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Friday, 9 May 2003

Network "Solutions"

As you might have noticed, this domain hasn't been reachable since 1 May. I had asked Network Solutions to update my nameservers because one of them changed IP address. I got no confirmation of this request, so I though that I would be when it got changed.

Suddenly people started asking me what was wrong with my site. I then discovered that the nameserver and glue records in the .net TLD had been removed. This was also reflected by the Internic whois server. The Network Solutions whois server just showed the old records. One of those nameservers was still working, so if they just kept it all until the change was complete...

After three days I tried to fix it by resubmitting the form. Bad idea. The 72 hour wait started all over. I have been e-mailing with them, got a few standard responses that were (of course) not relevant at all. When they asked me for information that was already in the e-mail they responded to I sent an agitated e-mail, and my request was transfered to another department. Silence followed.

This morning I saw that the whois records at Network Solution had been updated and hoped that Internic would follow. This afternoon they finally did. I am still mad about the whole thing and will probably move the domain to another registrar. But such a move won't be painless either, I'm afraid.