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Thursday, 25 September 2003

XMPP Drafts to Last Call

Going once, going twice...

As offline offlinestpeter mentions on his blog, the IESG has issued a Last Call for the two main XMPP Internet Drafts.

This is a major step in the acceptance of the protocols powering Jabber as Internet Standards in the form of RFCs. The only way is up, I think!

Congrats to the XMPP Working Group and especially stpeter for his major role in this.


Home, sweet home.

Wow, it has been a while already since my last entry. Well, I've moved in my new apartment on the 13th and things are settling in now. It has become very nice, I must say, and we are having a real good time.

One of the reasons for the radio silence since then (before I was busy fixing up the place) is that we had to wait until today for our telephone and internet access (cable). Now that's over, I hope to have some more time to work on all things Jabber, and I might even blog about it, too.