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Thursday, 31 August 2006


I'm still here!

It has been a while, so I hope you still remember me! So what have I been up to?

Most of my coding efforts have gone into the XMPP support for the Twisted networking framework. Apart from some minor issues, I worked on finalizing the SASL/TLS support for initiating entities, such as XMPP clients.

I introduced an abstraction for the different steps needed to initialize an XML stream to the point that XML stanzas can be exchanged. For example, for XMPP clients, these are: TLS negotiation, SASL authentication, resource binding and session establishment. I called the abstraction initializer. So, when connecting to the receiving entity, a list of initializers is iterated, and when all have succesfully completed, the stream is ready for free exchange of XML stanzas. Another example of an initializer could be stream compression.

So, this work, along with a usage example, is now in a branch, waiting for approval to be merged. When merged, I will start to work on implementing the receiving end of this functionality. Which brings me to the other project I've started working on: Pretzel, a Python XMPP server based on Twisted. I have been wanting to this for a while now, and during my holiday break, I met a bunch of awesome people, and started brainstorming. Read the announcement by Boris.

Then, I worked with offline offlinestpeter on our tutorial for EuroOSCON, 18 September 2006. This should be fun, and more people is better: sign up now!. EuroOSCON then goes on until 21 September with the regular sessions. Wednesday is Jabber day with two presentations: one by stpeter and one by Florian Holzhauer. On the same day, the Jabber Software Foundation will have a booth for Dot Org Day, where you can meet several Jabber Rock Stars.

During the preparations for the tutorial, I have worked on adding Atom support to the aggregator that feeds Mimír. I also did an actual, very belated, first release for my publish-subscribe service component Idavoll, while transferring the project and host it myself using Trac.

Finally, I got to extend my membership of the JSF and have applied for a third term of the Jabber Council. Well, that's it. More soon!