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Saturday, 12 March 2005

Bye, bye AOL/ICQ

Zero tolerance...

As mentioned at Slashdot, AOL has changed the terms of service for their AIM service. Effectively, they can do whatever they want with their traffic. No privacy whatsoever! Although I never used AIM itself, I connected to the ICQ network via an AIM gateway on my Jabber server. I have condoned the ICQ contacts on my roster for way too long now, and this was the last straw. I removed all my ICQ contacts and unregistered with the gateway. Bye, bye now!

Friday, 4 March 2005

FOSDEM 2005 redux #1

Looking back...

I've collected the FOSDEM 2005 photos made by online onlineintosi and online onlinemyself. Also, I added three photos that were contributed by johans. Among them, nice shots of the Jabber Software Foundation booth and the Jabber Developers' Room.

FOSDEM was very exhausting. A lot of people contributed to make our presence a success. Thanks to intosi, offline offlinechrist and ulrich for their hard work during the weekend, Ian Sollars for doing his presentation on Gradient, all others that helped out in one way or the other and of course those who attended the presentations and meet-up in the developers' room. I found a few reports on my presentations at The Turkey Curse and The Lunatic Fringe. Thanks guys. Anyway, I've learned a lot about organising such an event, and have a number of ideas on how to do things differently/better next time.


I haven't found the time yet to fix up my presentation slides to put online, so please be patient. This weekend should give me somewhat more time for that.