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Thursday, 22 February 2007

XTech 2007 loves Jabber

The Ubiquitous Web...

As my employment with the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven is coming to a natural end on 1 March, and I was not sure where I would be working in May, I did not answer the call for participation for XTech 2007. Turns out there are at least three Jabber related talks in the schedule that was made available just now!

Blaine Cook and Kellan Elliot-McCrea will have a talk titled Jabber: Social Software for Robots promoting the use of XMPP to let chat bots be an avatar for web applications.

Massimiliano Mirra will talk about Real-time user-to-user web with Mozilla and XMPP, explaining how browser based applications can be spiced up with real-time bidirectional structured communication by using XMPP to communicate with the application's backend.

And finally, Jyri Engeström will talk about Jaiku — rich presence. I have been visiting Jaiku HQ last month and they have a very nice application going on there. The summary does not tell, but Jaiku uses XMPP, as Mika Raento will explain at FOSDEM this weekend.

All in on very exciting stuff, and there's a lot of other interesting talks as well, so may need to consider going to Paris this spring.

Friday, 9 February 2007

FOSDEM 2007 Jabber devroom schedule published

Rocking on...

Back in November online onlineI posted a call for presence (haha) for the Jabber developer room at FOSDEM 2007. But this year, with the help of offline offlinePeter Saint-André, the hunt for speakers has been far more aggressive than previous editions. I must say that this has resulted in a great, packed, line-up and I am sure that many people (currently) from outside the will be interested in what will be presented. Loki has put the schedule online earlier today.

To give a quick overview, on Saturday Peter will kick off with a Jabber 101, targetted at getting developers acquainted with Jabber technologies. Heiner Wolf follows with a presentation on Virtual Presence, a way to meet up on webpages. Ian Paterson will try to reach the Rich Internet Application crowd that now uses JSON, Comet or AJAX for browser-server communications, and show how you can put XMPP to use in this arena. The day is concluded by two presentations on the Tigase server implentation: Artur Hefczyc will talk on Tigase itself and Diana Cionoiu will explain how Yate hooks up Jingle with Tigase to build tomorrow's open telephony networks.

For those that manage to get up bright and early on Sunday morning, I will let visiting developers dig right into what Peter has touched upon the day before. Using Twisted, I will explain how to actually develop asynchronous applications that communicate using XMPP and act as a Jabber client or server-side component. Then this session will transform into a mini-sprint and the visitors will rattle their keyboards to crunch out running Python code. Bring your own laptops!

Around lunch we give Robert McQueen and Peter a Jingle to get us up to speed on rich media streaming, and proceed with Mickaël Rémond of ejabberd fame on OneTeam, a Mozilla/XUL based Jabber client application. Mika Raento takes us to the mobile world with his talk on Jaiku, that combines rich presence and group messaging on the web and on the mobile. Then we close the room to go Peter Saint-André's talk in the huge Janson room on secure communications. Be sure to check out the interview. To allow for some extra time for answering questions after that talk, we reopen the developers' room for a Q&A session, and possibly a few 5 min. lightning talks, and then close up shop.