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Friday, 1 August 2003

New Blog Engine

Now fully XMLified

I've been thinking for a while about my blogging engine. It used to work a lot like blosxom with .txt files. These files then have their first line as a title and the rest as content, using HTML markup.

Somehow, I didn't like having to use HTML for my blog. It is very presentational, really. For other documents, I use DocBook XML to write in. DocBook has the great property of being almost completely presentation agnostic. You just say what is a chapter, a title or a figure.

So, also inspired by the XML powered blog by offline offlinestpeter I've created an XML format for the source documents of my blog, using DocBook-like markup for all content. That way it can be rendered in all kinds of formats, without having to deal with the quirks of HTML.

The work is not complete, as for example the RSS feed is not yet done, but the HTML rendering, with archive, should work now. Also I've created a little tool to publish each new item to my pubsub node. The only subscriber so far is Mimír.

Later more.