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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Wokkel releases

Making crispy sounds...

Today's Wokkel 0.6.2 release is to show case some of the features in the previous 0.6.0 release. Most of the work was part of the things we have been building at Mediamatic Lab as part of a restructuring of how we federate our social networking sites using publish-subscribe.

First of all, I added a preliminary, but functional, implementation of server-to-server support, using the dialback protocol. This complements the router code that went into 0.5.0 and Twisted Words 8.2.0 to make a fully stand-alone XMPP server. Note that it does not implement any client-to-server functionality yet, but this can be added as separate server-side components now.

To show this off, I have created a bunch of examples around the XMPP Ping protocol, for which the protocol implementation itself is also a nice example of how to write XMPP protocol implementations using Twisted Words and Wokkel. Be sure to check out these examples.

The other feature I want to mention is publish-subscribe Resources. They provide an abstraction of (part of) a publish-subscribe service. The protocol parts are handled by Wokkel. This should make it easier to do node-as-code scenarios, by just filling in the blanks of the various methods that are called upon receiving requests from pubsub clients. I'll create some examples for this shortly.