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Sunday, 19 July 2009

XMPP Summit #7 and OSCON 2009

Two great flavors...

I am attending XMPP Summit #7 and part of OSCON 2009, with which it is co-located due the kind folks at O'Reilly. Much like last year, only this time in San José, California. Unlike the European version of the summit last February, we hope to focus more on doing than talking, although there will be plenty of that, of course.

Suggestions were made to do some interoperability testing, along with general hacking sessions. I am bringing my implementation of server-to-server dialback, and a bunch of other protocol implementations in Wokkel to the table. While there are a bunch of other protocol implementations in Python, I think the Twisted approach is so different that I want people to know about the ideas behind it. By introducting them to Twisted through Wokkel should give them at least a glimpse of why I believe Twisted is awesome.

So, nearing the summit I prepared a bunch of examples around the XMPP Ping protocol, as I mentioned before. Additionally I prepared an example echo bot on steroids, which is basically a stand-alone XMPP server that connects to other servers using the server-to-server protocol. It will accept presence subscriptions to any potential account at the configured domain, sending presence and echoing all incoming messages.

Besides the hacking sessions, I planning to discuss publish-subscribe delete-with-redirect, node collections, publish-subscribe in multi-user chats and service discovery meta data. Oh, and we might go on a field trip to discuss Google Wave XMPP-based federation protocols. Then, after the summit, I will hanging out at OSCON until Thursday, for hallway meet-ups on federating social networks with protocols like OpenID, OAuth and technologies like webfinger and pubsubhubbub. I also brought an RFID reader to play with.